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About Us

A Locksmith Kingdom locksmith is an experienced technician trained to install and repair a lock, deadbolt, keyless lock or electronic access system inAbout Us your car, home, or business.
Locksmith Kingdom locksmith is trained to rekey and repair a lock. Our locksmith has skills to take apart a lock and repair inside lock parts, often avoiding the need to replace the entire lockset.
Locksmith Kingdom has the experience to design, install, and repair electronic keyless access systems that control an electronic lock, electric strike, magnetic lock, security gate or door.
We can design and install a security camera or surveillance camera system to protect your home or business or to monitor theft.
Our locksmith can protect your valuables and cash by installing a home or commercial safes.
Locksmith Kingdom is based out of Jacksonville FL, however now provides services at locations around the United States including; Tampa, Houston, Indianapois, Baltimore, and many other places. We pride our Jacksonville locksmiths on being able to provide emergency locksmith services in under 15 minutes for anyone locked out of cars, home, or office.
Locksmith Kingdom is a 24-hour locksmith equipped to handle all emergency locksmith services to unlock your car lock, your home lock, or your business lock, whenever it has been locked by accident or the lock won’t open.
Our emergency locksmith service is also needed to immediately rekey a lock following theft or to prevent access by someone who may have a duplicate key. We can have a locksmith arrive at your site quickly.
Our locksmith can make a duplicate key including an electronic car key like a transponder key or vat system key. Our locksmith can program car key remotes and car ignition computers.
Locksmith Kingdom Consultation
Every day, you see or read news stories about crime. The need for security services by a trained, professional locksmith is obvious. Locksmith Kingdom has trained, professional locksmiths who can recommend ways to secure your business, home, or car from a burglar, including better locks, safes, security systems and security cameras.
We provide locksmith consultation to conduct a security analysis of your car, home or business, and then recommend the best lock or lock system considering security risk and cost.
Many homes are built with cheap locks installed improperly, inviting easy access to a burglar which should be replaced with more secure locksets.
It not uncommon to find your business is an easy target for a burglar, which can be remedied by following the advice of our experienced locksmith.