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Access Control

Keyless locks for your business
Commercial Lock

Keyless locks offer security and convenience. By eliminating keys that may be copied and kept by employees or others, you limit security access to authorized people. Depending on the keyless lock solution chosen, you can delete one employee's access easily, and monitor who enters and leaves your premises by time of day.

Keyless lockset

Locksmith Kingdom can install an electronic lockset that has a combination keypad, touchpad, or fingerprint reader that lets authorized people enter without a key.

Electric strike

Electric Strike

An electric strike locks or unlocks the door with an electric signal. An electric strike lets someone lock and unlock a door from a remote location, such as a receptionist who pushes a button to let visitors in, or an access system using key cards, keypad codes, finger print scanning, etc. Electric strikes can be more resistant to lock picking than regular locks. Locksmith Kingdom can install your electric strike in one of two modes: fail safe or fail secure. Fail safe will open the door if there's a power outage, essential for a fire door or emergency door. Fail secure will
keep the door locked when power fails, so even if a burglar cuts the power, he can't gain access. An electric strike can be part of your
keyless entry system.

Magnetic locksMagnetic Lock

A powerful magnet secures a door with a magnetic lock, a small but very secure way to provide high security on a door with up to three-quarters of a ton force holding your door secure. A magnetic lock installed by Locksmith Kingdom is reliable and less likely to break because of the lack of moving parts. A magnetic lock can be opened quickly compared to a key lock. A key card system or push-to-open button often in installed with a magnetic lock to form a keyless entry or exit system.

Access control device or keyless entry system

Access Control

Locksmith Kingdom offers many ways to let employees or authorized people enter or exit your business or parking area without needing keys. We can install an electric strike or magnetic lock that is triggered to open or close a door by a Keyless access from locksmith magnetic card reader, key card, fingerprint reader, biometric scanner, combination keypad, touchpad, push-to-open switch, remote control, radio transmitter, proximity reader or other security device. We can equip cars and trucks with vehicle cards or remote key controls to allow access to parking lots or garages, avoiding the high labor costs for a security guard.