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Security Devices

Security camera, surveillance cameraSurveillance Camera

Security camera, surveillance camera Surveillance cameras or security cameras are now common in most retail stores, banks, shopping centers, airports, and even on city streets. Locksmith Kingdom can install a security camera closed circuit television (CCTV) network, hidden cameras, monitors, recorders, and surveillance software to meet your needs.

Security camera

Surveillance cameras come in many varieties. Small dome cameras are hidden inside plastic bubbles attached to ceilings. They can shoot a fixed area, or include motors allowing a camera to zoom, pan, and tilt under remote control. Motion detector cameras begin recording when movement is seen. Locksmith Kingdom can help you choose a black and white camera or color camera, security camera with a long lens to zoom in far away, a surveillance camera that captures pictures even in low light or the darkness of night, or a high definition HD camera for the greatest detail and picture quality.

Hidden camerasHidden cameras

Hidden cameras won't be seen when Locksmith Kingdom provides you with a surveillance camera hidden inside computer speakers, a clock, an air cleaner, a motion detector spotlight, clock radio, or other device.

Monitors and surveillance software

Watch all the CCTV security cameras on your premises using a monitor and surveillance software provided by Locksmith Kingdom.

Security video recorder

Keep a record of activity on your premises with a video recorder that captures security cameras onto video tape, a digital video recorder DVR, or a PC hard drive. We can advise you on the best choice.

Exit devicesExit devices

Panic bar. Panic bars are required by building codes to let people exit a door in an emergency. Pressing the single panic bar provides a fail-safe way to unlock and open a door as quickly as possible. Locksmith Kingdom can install a panic bar with a panic alarm that sounds when the door is opened to signal an emergency plus thwart unauthorized exit when there is no emergency.

Door closer

Critical to your security Door Closers making sure doors close and latch securely, so have us install or repair a commercial door closer.

Security doors and security gates

Security door from locksmith Security door. Ordinary doors are susceptible to burglars who can smash or pry them open when doors are too thin, made of wood, have glass, etc. Let Locksmith Kingdom replace them with high security doors that resist a burglar attack. Fire doors are available to slow the progression of a fire.

Security gateSecurity gate

Keep burglars out by letting Locksmith Kingdom install decorative metal gates over glass windows and glass doors that burglars can easily break. A fire gate is a window gate or door gate that is quickly opened from inside to allow fire or emergency escape. Install a roll down gate or roll down door to provide security for a garage, door, window, or building area. Add a security gate to any fenced outdoor area or indoor area to keep troublemakers out.